I have been remiss in my Thanks giving. Truly no excuses other than work and school have monopolized my life?? 

I am thankful today for Babbo and Mammaji. They are my best friend Petra’s parents, Carlo and Connie. 

I could never been given a better gift, than to be allowed to share such wonderful people, and be taken in without question by such wonderful and loving genitori!!

 When I was sad and hurting, Petra actually told me that she would share her parents with me, so I would not feel so alone. Even when my life seemed impossible, they were there for me. I have felt loved ever since.

Petra loaned me her father and mother, and they all gave me Italy. The best gift ever. I hope one day they read my silly blog and see how much they all have changed my life. 

For this, I am grateful beyond words.