I’m just a girl/woman who was a hairstylist for 20+ years. I Burned out. Got my heart broken. Got into trouble. Lost my job, friends and some family members. Broke my leg. After all that, I decided to put all my shit in storage. I packed some clothes in a suitcase. I put my 13 year old blind Italian Greyhound, Shane, in a doggie carrier and moved to Italy. No, it’s not Under the Tuscan Sun; I’m not Diane Lane and life isn’t always easy here. But Shane and I are here in Firenze and we’re making the best of it…

As a matter of fact it’s the best thing I’ve ever done and I recommend it!

New Year's 2013


I am the Queen here… and I reign supreme!

Thank You for visiting my pages!!!

I can also be found writing about all things hair at: Hair Extraordinaire! http://michellelgallagher.wordpress.com


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