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It’s been a long time. We have been together a long time. You are the longest consistent non-painful relationship I have had. And the most trusting. There are no words to tell you how much I love you.


The Sun God

You have driven me completely insane. You broke out of the house when you were 5 months old, and went where? I have no damn idea. But the neighbor found you and brought you home. Then you broke out again and went where? I started to get a complex. Didn’t you like me? Didn’t you want a little boy to play with? Was the food bad?


The Snuggler

Eventually I figured out that the bird of paradise had pushed out the fence and you were just skinny and little enough to sniff your way out. It wasn’t me, it was your natural curiosity and that damn hound dog nose.


The Nose Knows

Five months old. There is a whole history to talk about here, but today is not the day. On this day, You are 16 years old. How did we survive 16 years together? How did I not kill you? Or better yet, how did I not die protecting you? You ran into the street I don’t know how many times, and I ran after you, into oncoming traffic. You once jumped off a boat bow after me and almost drown, and then I almost drown trying to save you from the current. Another time you decided to befriend the crack-head-prostitute-John down the street in Savannah, GA, and I had to go INTO their apartment to get you and got asked if I, “Sexy Crackah” wanted a job? At least we made friends(?) that day. There were days when I thought, fuck it, I am not chasing his ass again, and yet I did. Not that you were a runner, you weren’t. You were just a cute-ass Curious Joe. Now 16 years later, here we are. Old and Older, possibly not wiser. Not running anywhere.


You have been there. We have traveled. We went to Mexico, South America, Australia (shhhhh), New Zealand, and Europe together. I have traveled with you to more places than I have a human.

And the men. Should we talk about any men here? Or should that be between us? You could tell stories, of that I am certain! I know this, and you know this… I have dumped many men for you in 16 years. And I would do it all over again. I have laughed in the face of any man, any person, who has told me that I have loved you more than I have loved them. Laughed.

DSC_0735The Protector…

The love…

It’s not true. Yet it is so true.

No human has ever been more loyal to me than you.

I have a great group of girlfriends, some great guy friends too. And I, without a doubt, have the most amazing supportive family. But you.



The Travel Partner

You have been with me. Every. Damn. Day. For 16 years!*

Like an appendage. My little tan and white ear, eye, nose, heart.

We are coming to the end of a mighty era, you and I.

I have nothing but love and happy thoughts when I think of you.


My Blind Old Man

This year, and every year since you were six weeks old, until death do us part…

I Am Thankful.

For your friendship and loyalty, for you, I have gratitude.


The Bar Buddy**

*I did leave him with my step-sister for 6 weeks when I took my son to Australia once. When I came back, he looked like a sausage on stilts!

**I apologize for the blurry pics. I have more but they are in storage on another computer. This in no way shows how amazing or fun this little guy has been. I was never a “little dog” girl, but this guy stole my heart. He earned my love and respect, just for being cool and for always being a friend.