So sickened by all the hatred in the world… So saddened by watching my friends lose faith in humanity and all the good things life has to offer. 

Tonight I will start something new. A new train of thought, however so small, about all the goodness that being alive has to offer. I hope that it will fly and more of you will join me…

Tonight I am thankful for everything this life has given me. I am alive. I can smell, see, feel, hear, breathe, I exist. Today at work I was helping a client find a new cactus for her yard and I bumped into a pricker head on! The damn thing went right into my forehead and made me bleed! You might think that this isn’t something to be thankful for, but it is!! Tonight, as I was washing my face and saw the little pinprick of that damn cactus and I thought, “Well, how cool is that? I felt that. I can feel pain! I’m alive and I can feel!” 

Silly, yes. Weird, absolutely. Small, sure, but it’s all those little things that make life worth living.

Tonight, I am thankful for cactus, and all the other little pricks out there.

One prick = One more ounce of stubborn fortitude… And for this I am grateful.