I just finished reading an article in NPR about women in space, and the most asked question was, “What do women do when they get their period in space.”  The interviewer was a man and of course he poo-pooed the question until he could write about it, instead of ask on air.
What really cracked me up were the comments made after. Men really have no idea how women work. And what made me annoyed was the fact that, at one time men figured that it would be too dangerous for women to be in space and would’ve jeopardized the missions because of their erratic and moody behavior. WTH?? What about a man’s stupid libido?? They are way more dangerous going around trying to hump everything in sight!!

I am so happy to have been able to grow up in this time. My period doesn’t make me moody. Stupid men make me moody!!

It’s not like they are going to put a 16 year old girl up there and say GOOD LUCK HONEY, HERE’ S SOME PADS WITH WINGS AND A TYLENOL!