I won’t have time to write today so I am sharing a post from a fellow blogger. This man is special and has chosen to live in a place that most of us would run with our tail between our legs from. I know that there are kids all over the world that homeless and neglected, including my own US of A. But for some reason when I see children who are victims of war torn countries it really gets to me. It should get to all of us. Children should never have to suffer like this. This justifies everything I am doing to secure that in my future, I will be able to help out. Sadly, in some ways, it has become my inspiration. It is the reason I am going home to finish my degree. Please look at John’s page. It’s really lovely, scary and impressive. If there is any way you can help now, please do.

John Wreford Photographer

Help a Syrian Child

Every day my Facebook time line is filled with pictures of your beautiful children, their birthday parties, dress-up Halloween, guitar practice and first day at school, happy moments you share with friends and family, I love this insight, the peek into another life often far away.

So I want to share with a photo of a little girl who’s life is not so happy although with her straw blonde hair, blue eyes and knowing smile she could easily be a part of any of your families or friends, but she isn’t, she is unfortunate enough to live in a tent on the side of a freezing windswept hill in Syria, her Mum is not instagraming pictures of her blowing the candles out on her birthday cake she is just too busy trying to stay alive, she is not there by choice, she has fled the horror of war, she would…

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