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A few useful things to know about coming to and leaving from Italy and then something mind-blowingly inspirational.

If you move here for a say, a year or more, unless you have done extensive travel, you will not know that getting here is relatively easy and inexpensive (this does not include the disaster that is known as the Italian Consulate, and I said ‘getting’ here.)
Not including my ticket, it cost me about $250.00 extra for one extra bag and a dog. Going home, I found out today, will be much more costly. After talking to Swiss Air about my cargo issue, and finding out there is apparently no such thing as cargo luggage leaving from Florence, I will have to go through a private company. One such as, UPS, DHL or MailBoxes Etc. I spent 3 days trying to get this handled only to find out that while MailBoxes Etc is still expensive, it is cheaper than having extra luggage on the plane.
I am allowed 1 free bag, I pay 100 Swiss for Shane. My next bag would be 90 Swiss Francs, any bags after that are 225 Swiss, and so on. Ridiculous! I realize that I have some stuff to haul back. It’s not stuff I can just toss or leave behind. It’s important school books and warm weather clothes that I bought not realizing that, although I would be in what is considered a mediterranean country, Florence is by no means a mediterranean climate. No ma’am! So, as I have said before I have extra crap. But, I now have some nice boots, a really warm coat and some beautiful sweaters. So, it’s okay.

For future reference I have found that MailBoxes will pick up the luggage that you want to ship (free of charge) from your home and then you pay for it at your convenience later that day. It’s still not cheap. But still about half the going rate than what the airlines charge, (depending on weight and size) but you are still saving some money. I will know on Thursday what the actual cost is and share it.

I’m not thrilled about the idea of having to spend around 300-400EU on sending my things back, especially when the conversion rate is what it is but I have to get my stuff home. So…

Now something that made spending that money not so bad… My cousin Angela shared this on FB. She is a pretty awesome gal. Someone I love and cherish very much.  Enjoy!