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What I think I look like…

I decided a few month’s back that I would try and get a tattoo that I had started a few years ago finished here and after several months of asking around, I finally found someone. I have a friend here, well two, they are twin bartenders who know everyone. A few months back one of them got a tattoo. It was a really well drawn and tatted tribal design. I was so impressed with the lines that I asked Marco (one twin) who did it. He directed me to his friend Lex De Gor. Lex is a cute young man from Russia who lives here in Florence. He came here for school and decided to stay. And so, I met with Lex and we discussed my tattoo. I told hime that when I came back from Barcelona I would call him and I did. So today was tattoo day. Lex is a stud. No, really I mean LEX IS A STUD! He’s not just a tattoo artist, he’s hot! But okay already… he’s a really good tattoo artist and so I sat with him for about 4-5 hours today getting my tattoo, that was just okay, turned into WOW! He did a great job and he took some pictures and as soon as I get the pics and photoshop my back fat I will post them.

Now I am off to go for a run and burn off some of that back fat! Ish!

You can find Lex on Facebook at; Lex De Gor, Florence. But if you come here looking to get a tattoo, Lex informed me that he will be moving to Milan next month, so you will have to make a detour. Even if you don’t fancy a tat check out his page. He’s really talented. And hot!

Apparently what I really look like…. hahahah