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It’s weird to think that I am already 8 1/2 month’s into my year here. It’s been pretty eventful at times and at other times pretty damn boring. In some way Italy has been so much more than I expected and in some ways, so much less. I realize that if I can’t find a job that I will be heading home soon, so I have decided to take a couple of trips. The first being to my favorite place in Italy, Venice. I am going to be staying with a friend I met during Carnivale who is more or less a friend with my Arezzo friend Barbara, but thanks to the invention of Facebook, we have managed to stay in touch. While I am there I plan on writing my post on dating, which should prove to be interesting, considering I am sure this guy thinks he is going to, ‘get in my pants,’ so-to-speak… (Sorry ‘A’ but I know you read this and I know you’re thinking about it! haha) It’s what the men here in Italy do. A contact sport of sorts… I have to admit they are respectful and when you tell them, “No.” They get it. They don’t get all, “But, I thought you wanted it…” which actually gives one the option to want to stay friends.

I am also taking myself back to Barcelona, where I am going to meet my friend Toni. I wrote about Toni in previous posts, so I am excited to see her! She will be here with her friend Paul. After that my calendar is open. I am still in school and I will be working around that schedule but they don’t seem to mind. So, in the mean time, I am stuck in the doldrums of navigating my way through the trenches of looking for a job (?) and making big decisions…