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I’m a pretty big Bible quoter. I like quotes like, “Do unto other’s…” and, “He who throws the last stone…” Which is actually pretty humorous considering that I’m not very religious. Today I am thinking that maybe I need to change my way of thinking; or at least start realizing that the universe is a vast and amazing place. And who is to say if there is a God or not? (Please don’t bombard my post with reason’s why or why not God does or does not exist, I want to be surprised.) In any case, after all the bitching and complaining yesterday about Nothing, into my little world came Something… …or Someone. Two Someone’s to be exact.

I have mentioned before that I rent a room in my flat through AirBnb, and yesterday I had two lovely girls from Australia show up. They literally came through my front door my front door like a breath of fresh air. (How is that for a metaphor…?? My old English teacher would be so proud!) Not only did they breeze in but they breezed in carrying two lovely smiles and two bottles of Mumm Champagne, from France! I liked these ladies, instantly! We drank the left over Pinot Grigio I had in the fridge while the champagne cooled in the freezer. Then we drank a bottle of champagne.

My Breezes...

My Breezes…

My new little fairy butterflies are both from Melbourne, Australia and are just as lovely as lovely can be. The ‘older’ of the two, Cheryl is on hiatus from her job as a “Hospitality Advisor(?)” and Charmaine has just landed a job as a Librarian. Cheryl asked her friend to come along on her journey, as she is attempting to find work abroad and decided to see Europe. Personally, I think she is suffering a bit from a broken heart and is a bit disillusioned with men. But, HEY! I get it!

After we had finished the champagne, Cheryl informed me that she gets grumpy when she is hungry, I can relate. So, I mentioned the thing about Aperitivo here and how you can get some really amazing food on the cheap. Basically, you order a drink between 7 PM and 9 PM and all this amazing food is set out for your pleasure. It’s a very Italian thing to do before you go to dinner and consume a 4/5 course meal. But if you are young student travelers, it’s an inexpensive way to get out, meet some locals and fill your belly. We headed straight to Rivalta, one of my favs because the food is really good. Then we went to Viktoria Bar where my lovely twin boys work. I haven’t talked to Marco, my mad boy-crush, in a while and he just happened to be working alone, alone means without his equally adorable brother. (I did mention they are Identical, didn’t I? Right now all that comes to mind is that old Double-Mint commercial. If you don’t know what I am talking about, then you are too young or not from the States…)

What was supposed to be a short, inexpensive night out turned into about €100 but the girls had a really good time, I found some inspiration to write and have decided to try and chronicle the next 20+ days leading up to my 45th birthday… Ish. Today we have made plans to head to the lake. Hopefully I will remember my damn camera this time!! Clearly, my old age is getting the best of me…

If the universe is so grand and asking from It brings good things, then I will be asking and quoting for a while to come. Today I am slightly hungover. I didn’t get up and go for that run like I promised myself I would. I also didn’t go to class. Oh well. At some point, I WILL finish that damn CV that has taken me two weeks to get started and maybe I will actually send it out to some schools. My fear is not going to go away until I take action and do something about it. She follows me around like the dirty, black smog cloud that she is. The sand is slipping through my hour glass and I need to get my shit together. A decision must be made as to whether or not I am going to go home or attempt to find work here. I am going to kick Fear’s ass once and for all!

But for today, I am just going to continue to enjoy the little breezes that blow my way and quote the all-mighty Bible as it suits me. And most of all, I am going to continue to be surprised. Because, after all, the universe is a grand and amazing place!

Now, where did I put that bottle of Prozac??