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I originally wrote 2 almost finished posts about dating in Italy and subsequently I have managed to erase or not save? both articles. Which, in my opinion, is the universe telling me that the world is just not ready for that particular post yet. Ok then…

Shane Loves the Spring Flowers!

Shane Loves the Spring Flowers!

Spring has arrived! It is beautiful in Florence! And along with some much needed warmth has come the FLIES! As I sit and write this I have about 20 flies in my kitchen and possibly the same number in my bedroom! They don’t bother me, they just buzz around in a small cluster in the middle of my room. You ask why don’t I just shut the screen door or be a tad bit tidier, right? There is no such thing as a screen here in the City Center of Florence. They just don’t exist. The windows in my pad are old, there is no actual place to put a screen because of the shutters and it’s just too beautiful outside to keep the doors and windows shut. As to the latter thought, I am clean. Obsessively. My mother is borderline OCD and I inherited a little of that from her. My kitchen while not spotless is still full of flies. So, out on my beautiful patio where my buddy Shane is currently devouring a t-bone from the Bistecca that my friend and I shared last night, are the other half of my tribe of flies. We are actually becoming friendly! They are trained flies. I walk into the kitchen and shoo them all out the door and they go! Of course they come right back in too… And then miraculously around 7 o’clock they all clock out and go home. I can’t help but wonder where they go when leave? Do they have little fly homes, with little fly families waiting for them? If anyone who reads this insane post happens to know the reason for this I am truly curious! I also can’t help but ponder why they insist on hovering in my little enclosed patio and bedroom window? I can’t spend a whole entire post writing about just flies. Even if the big green one buzzing around my head is the size of a two seater Cessna… For those of you that live here or in other sub-tropical climates you will know that the mosquitos are starting to annoyingly buzz in your ear at 3AM also. Mosi’s are attracted to the carbon dioxide coming out of our mouth and since I have a tendency to be rather mouthy, they are really attracted to me! It must be my sweet demeanor, er, blood? But for those of you who don’t know me, I seem to have some strange allergic reaction to the damn vampires. Where ever they get me the bite swells to the size of a lemon! My ear got it last week! Not funny! Ok, It was VERY funny. And then last night it was my lip, but that actually didn’t look too bad! Think juvederm or restalyn, ladies…

Luckily for me this is not the GOOD OL’ US of A and there is not an FDA so we have a lot of cancer inducing bug killers and ‘keeper’s awayer’ sprays. My friends Mom recently gave me a little box with heater in it and some little blue pads called Vape. You plug the heater in and put the blue thingy on the heating element and TA-DAH!!!! SHOO FLY and Mosi’s!!! It’s a fantastic little gadget and I am really happy it exists! I haven’t had the courage to leave my window open all night yet but I imagine when the temprature is tipping the thermometer towards 100 I will make an attempt.

In other news…

My friend Aliz after her stomp down the Catwalk on Notte Bianca

My friend Aliz after her stomp down the Catwalk on Notte Bianca

The past week was the Italian Labor Day holiday. And just like everything else they do it much better here… The night before is called Notte Bianca. It starts at 7 and rolls on into the wee hours of the morning. I know because I was up having a blast! From 7-10 it is family time and kids are everywhere!

Some of the cool ballons...

Some of the cool ballons…

Then after ten is just a huge drunken bar scene. Many of the shops and museums stay open until around 11PM and are free entry.  There are also incredible shows and art installations to see in every Piazza in the city. One we walked by had about 100 really big swings with different size bells on the top and every one was a different size so when you sat on the swing all the bells together made a beautiful noise.

Open the doors... See all the people.

Open the doors… See all the people.

I couldn’t quite call it music, but who am I to judge? Another Piazza had giant balloons that were floating in the sky and a person flying around on one that was a sort of floating bicycle. It was truly fabulous! I took as many photos as I could with my little digital but they only came out so-so. And unfortunately the solo disaster of the evening for my group was that my phone was stolen and it had some other pictures on it. Overall, I have to say that for me and my friends, the night was a success and a lot of fun and the day off from school was great!

Shane's Bistecca YUMMO!!!

Shane’s Bistecca YUMMO!!!

I’m off to go and throw the t-bone out before my patio becomes an episode of CSI. Have a great week!