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New Years 2013I’m a procrastinator. I meant to post these photos last month and completely forgot. And then when I remembered I thought, eh, I’ll do it tomorrow. So, almost five weeks later here I am posting pics and info about New Year’s in Firenze!



Florence is quite possibly the craziest place I have been for New Years. That isn’t saying much because I have a tendency to stick close to home for that particular evening. It’s just too crazy to be out. Besides, I party year round so New Years is like amateur night for me… As are St Pat’s, Cinco de Mayo and 4th of July. This year I made an exception for two reasons. One, my friend Chad

My Chaddingtonferlaqweesha!

My Chaddingtonferlaqweesha!

"He has my Burberry hat Michelle!!!"

“He has my Burberry hat Michelle!!!”

came back from France and was only going to be in Florence for a few more days. And two, well that’s obvious, right? I’m living in Florence, Italy

New Years in Italy is WILD to say the least. You will never see fireworks being shot off in the center of San Diego. Let alone people running around with cherry bombs, firecrackers and giant sparklers. Nor will you see bottles of Champagne and Prosecco being sold by vendors on the street. You also won’t see some drunk moron throwing the empty Prosecco bottles into the crowd across the street! NEW YEAR’S EVE IS CRAZY HERE!

My friend Eros joined Chad and I and we missed some of the earlier festivities because we were busy having cocktails at my flat. Jack and coke to be exact, none of that wussy Prosecco for this girl… Around nine we walked to our favorite hangout,

Outside the Antico Vinaio and a grumpy, hungry Italian man... GO FIGURE!!!

Outside the Antico Vinaio and a grumpy, hungry Italian man… GO FIGURE!!!

Antico Vinaio

Antico Vinaio

Waiting for my "Super Spicey" with a side of Spicey!

Waiting for my “Super Spicey” with a side of Spicey!

Antico Vinaio on Via dei Neri. It’s probably my favorite place to get a panini and some vino. There is always a line and if you don’t get there before 10PM be prepared to be crushed a bit while you wait. The wait is worth it because the panini’s are amazing! There are always a lot of interesting people there, so if you are alone you won’t be for long. As a matter of fact it is where I met my friend’s, Chad and Sloane! (I will write more about Antico in my food and restaurant blog.) Chad and I filled empty water bottles with our Jack and Coke and sipped on those while I watched Chad wolf down a huge picante panini, in minutes…

More craziness

More craziness

From there we walked up to Piazza Signoria. We really didn’t walk, it was more like being in a hover craft and being lifted to our next destination. The crowd was tight and wild and going in one direction… To the festivities! There were bands playing and people dancing. There are videos being projected on the sides of the ancient buildings and vendors, acrobats and mimes all around the piazza.

Just a little American...

Just a little American…

As it grew closer to midnight we found our way back to the Piazza del Duomo where we got a nice front row view from the steps of the Duomo. As midnight approached the crowd got louder and wilder and everyone started moving back from the perimeter surrounding the baptistery. At midnight fireworks were shot off and bottles of Prosecco were raised and people kissed and hugged… it was great! Chad and I had bought some big sparklers and we lit them all and shared them with the people around us. Once the bottles started being lobbed across the piazza we decided it was time to check out of there and head to the club. The way my luck is, one of those bottles would have surely landed on my head!

Well on our way... Happy New Year's 2013 World!!!

Well on our way… Happy New Year’s 2013 World!!!

Jack and Coke Chad-OrHey Chad is your knee broken??

Jack and Coke Chad-Or
Hey Chad is your knee broken??

We went to a gay disco called Doris Bar and danced our derrières off. After all that Jack and Coke I needed to burn some of that alcohol off. I knew I had definitely had way too much to drink (nothing new here) when I found myself flirting with a hot gay man who (I swear) looked like he had just stepped out of the Renaissance or was Brad Pitt in Interview With a Vampire. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any photos of him but he probably wouldn’t have shown up in them anyhow… heh heh…

and... My Riccardo! The best present Chad left me! No I am NOT drunk... --ehem

and… My Riccardo! The best present Chad left me! No I am NOT drunk… –ehem

Around 6AM I had some freak following me around telling me he loved me in an accent that WAS NOT Italian and then I knew it was time to go home. Chad and Eros had disappeared so I was on my own. I walked the 30 minutes back to flat. (I would’ve gotten a cab but people were still out partying and I made it home safely.)

I can honestly say that I now know why I don’t go out on New Years but I’m so glad that this year I did. I woke up at one in the afternoon and had a killer hangover. I also wanted to cut my feet off… damn those cute high heel boots! Chad was passed out next to me on top of the covers in all his clothes… Ricardo had brought him home shortly after I got there. I’ve only had one glass of wine since. Who needs a New Years resolution when you have a Jack and Coke hangover… I LOVE FIRENZE!